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Things you should consider

I am a sole proprietor not a corporation.

I am providing a service for the good.

Limited to a few hands I will be responding to inquiries as fast as I can.

This Auction is a result of trying to help my children's  local school and our local economy.

  This is such a disposable world we live in, there's good cause to buy used and buy local. For one thing most things are made out of OUR country. So buying used or buying local helps the family and small business's become a stronger community. The community is where our children learn life skills. Get involved with the local business in your town or your neighbor community. There is enough population close by with enough stuff to choke a horse. Understand. People with the big business is ok but they adjusted our living prices as they see fit. Keeping it local and or buying it used with enough  population we adjust the market. As in We the people.. Make a difference. Support Local business and buy used when ever possible

I got support from my local one stop and would like to thank them and those who participated  for helping.   


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