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This site is free for you to use.

This tool is and should be used everyday.

I want to offer you a donation, money and a useful tool to help fundraise for programs or teachers salary I guess whatever the public schools need. your local schools are in need. So I offer my website's use free of charge to the public schools. I would like to donate any charges to use. 100% you collect every dime from your auctions, no charges from or anyone affiliated with, it is an auction site. Not only that which that alone is a tool that will grow to many ways, building community relations in ways of teaching in a more real environment of todayís day and age. Let's say your local florist donates a bouquet of roses to the Ag. dept., the Ag. dept spreads the word or just simply post it, auctions off the roses keeps all the money and the roses get picked up at the florist.That is just money given to the schools with no strings, just kindly giving it to you. Now the florist has a customer in their store. This is a win win for your community and school. what do you think you can get donated to you!! Now the other money part, your school opens a store in the site (thatís donated also) I will donate a dollar of every paid membership that there user name has your schools initials, county initials and state initials in it, no matter who, where or what they are bidding on a dollar of their paid membership goes to that school every time. So what do you say go to the board and ask to use this tool.

Categories of any kind can be made, it can have your schools name and sub categories with Ag. dept or science lab so these departments or programs can work with real fields gathering donations from business and alumni in those programs or departments or just from the general community.

I have been in business in Williams for twenty two years, had two children go through the public school system and I am thankful that the faculty at WHS.COL.CA were fine people that wanted to teach and were capable of doing so.

Contact me by e-mail, phone or in person, or I will come to you and with a click of the mouse your school can be contributing to society, which in return will contribute to your needs.

The front page of has my business location and services on the contact us. I would like to change the name from WilliamsAutoCenter to FundYourLocalSchools, it will be .com or .org. But until then contact me to get your school started tomorrow. Our site ready to use, takes only minutes set up, is easy and it has thousand of page views each day.

I expect that local business's would love to help out by donating an item or job done, getting a potential customer in their store is a great incentive, thus stimulating the economy and spending the money in the right places: Our Local Schools.

Before registering set up e-mail address that your school can identify incoming mail from auction site, and use that e-mail to register with. When your set up you can tell people they can find your items at 

Julio Brincat
(530) 473-3336