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Lets start off with what it is going to cost you as a seller. .25 cents a posting now remember there is no limits to how many postings or how long your posting stays on the site, it could stay there for as long as you want it to be there. (unless it sells or you are no longer a registered user. you dont need to have a paid membership just be a valid user.) Now there is an exception to all of this, if your posting is not appropriate, and I, williamsautocenter, am the judge of that, so if you feel it is questionable i advise you to contact me and show me before posting it because if any item posted is inappropriate you will be expelled immediately no matter what your expenses are, you will not be refunded in any way what so ever. Also if your posting a link to your web site it can only be posted in a store in the "about the store" section not in posted item area.

now final sale amount percentage fees as follows:

$.99c-$5.00  is 10% to williamsautocenter

$5.01-$25.00   is 5% to williamsautocenter

$25.01-$50.00  is 8% to williamsautocenter

and $50.01-$1000000.00   is 7% to williamsautocenter

any trade $100.00 flat fee.

*tip*  If you put your bottom dollar as your start price once you get your first bid you know its sold!!

This site gets 1000+ page views daily, hundreds of thousands hits each month

Sell using this site you get 10+ pictures free, collect payments, no expiration date (it stays there til it sells or you take it off), plus your buyers are paid members.

Remember there are still buyer limits of 25 items won per membership period unless they buy from a store.

Now if you buy a store there are no limits for your buyers the won item limit does not apply to store items.

$5.00 one time set up fee and $5.00 monthly store fee. So not only will your items show up on the main site but they will also be in your store space.

Any questions problems call or e-mail right a way so we can solve any issues you may have.

At this time paypal is the only way you can get paid online, through this site, you must first set up a paypal account if you want to get paid. unless you take credit cards over the phone or take cash but those are your options.

You must have a valid credit card on file with us to be a seller.

Need A category that is not there, just e-mail me.

In your description or payment option put your CITY/TOWN


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