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Williams California


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You dont have to be a paid member to be registered, only to bid

at the end of the verify registration it will ask to activate membership you can just click home. 


How to cancel membership from recurring

In order to cancel membership you must not have any items with a high bid on them nor any purchases waiting for payment. If you must cancel membership and have high bid on an item ask seller to retract your bid(s). The first thing you must do is change your membership type from Paid Membership to Cancel Membership.  To do this click on My Account, go Account Details then Change Account Info.  At the bottom of this screen you will see your membership details.  Click the drop down arrow next to Paid Membership and chose Cancel Membership then save the changes. Memberships are recurring so you must change your membership type before the recurring date to prevent getting charged again.  


You can bid on any item at any time but remember there is a limit to won items, that limit is twenty five items in one membership period (stores do not apply). If for any reason you go over your limit you will be asked to forfeit overture item(s). Dutch items will count per item chosen. You will be able to choose which item(s) you wish to forfeit, but keep in mind we will only allow you to make this mistake once after that you will be expelled from bidding in the future. These are our terms and if you don't agree please don't purchase a membership.

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